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Sourcing Savvy

Enhancing Performance Through Analytics and Process



Sourcing Savvy delivers operational excellence within your business

Our beginnings are deeply rooted in our expertise with enhancing Supply Chain, Procurement, and Strategic Sourcing operations.  Over time, our reach has broadened to include the interactions with other business functions such as Marketing, Sales, and Operations as flawless integration between functions is more critical to today’s business environment than ever before.


We have delivered improvements for clients in the following areas:


- Performance Measurement and Management

- Procurement and Sourcing Operations

- Inventory and Lead Time Reduction

- Outsourcing of Parts, Finished Product, and Processes or Functions

- Cross-Functional Coordination

- Talent Management

- Digitization/Knowledge Management

- Strategic Supplier Management


While much of our work focuses on companies with needs for rapid savings with key negotiations, sourcing strategies, and cost reduction programs throughout the supply chain, we have assisted with general process improvement, and integration of customer’s wants and needs (NPI and S&OP) into the supply chain, using tools such as lean and six sigma.


We have extensive experience in outsourcing finished product, parts, and internal business processes or functions, both domestically and abroad, that ensures the realization of your desired quality, cost, and services levels.


Sourcing Savvy can work with you in any manner: on-site, off-site, or behind the scenes. Our services and delivery methodology are customized to your specific needs.


We don’t have the overhead of traditional consultancies. You deal directly with us, not through intermediates recruited to “staff up” projects as they become available.


We are experts in driving costs out of your business.   

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